Saturday, February 6, 2010

SnailWriter has moved!

So my first novel, Dog-Heart, is about to be released by Peepal Tree Press in the UK. Drum roll. Novel writing is one thing, but now I have to turn my brain to novel promoting. Googled how to promote your novel and learned I had to have a website. Own my own name - which I thought I already did. Google meant domain name. So I gritted my technophobic teeth and with help from my friend Dale, created an author website. Since the Jamaica Environment Trust now has its own blog for environmental rants, I decided to locate SnailWriter on my personal website.

So here are the new links:

My website:



Thanks to those of you who check this site regularly, even in the absence of posts...hope you'll begin to check the above links too - so my site counter graph thingy can look slightly less pathetic!


Yvonne McCalla Sobers said...

Hi Diana,

Congratulations on being so close to publication. Like you, I am discovering that writing the book is the easy part, about 40 per cent of the task. The rest is promotion, the same reason I started a blog (never thought I would do it!) just under two weeks ago. So now, added to having a book to promote, today's writer will also have a blog and a website to promote.

Still, I am discovering one can find fellow bloggers happy to offer support and contacts to newbies like ourselves.

Please be sure to send me info on your launch, and then I will re-post/re-tweet it. Yes, I am also newly taking Twitter seriously these days.



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Jimmy said...

Nice! We love your new blog, too. :)

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